Auction Consignment Information

We are always accepting quality consignments for upcoming sales.

The Old West Auction prides itself on its impeccable reputation for, a) offering the very finest Western art, antiques and collectibles for public sale; and b) honest and fair dealings with all involved parties. Consignments are accepted year-round for both the January and June auctions.

Interested in consigning to the Auctions?

Please contact Brian Lebel at 480-779-9378 or Brian will ask to see photos of your item(s), determine if it is appropriate for the Auction, discuss your needs and desires for selling the item(s), and assist you through the rest of the consignment process.

Why Consign to The Old West Auction?

  • We are considered the country’s leading Auction House for Western Art, Antiques and Collectibles.
  • Our reputation assures buyers that they get what they pay for and that everyone’s rights are protected.
  • Our extensive client list includes the nation’s top dealers and collectors.
  • We offer competitive and fair consignment rates and terms with no hidden fees or surprises.
  • We have over 20 years in the business and offer extensive knowledge and expertise; and retain a network of knowledgeable professionals in assisting us to appraise, research and sell your item(s).
  • We only accept consignment items that we honestly feel are appropriate for the auction. Items out of our areas of interest, items that would fare better in a private sale, and items that do not reflect the quality standards of our buyers will not be accepted. Our reputation demands that we never take consignments simply for a commission. All potential consignments are considered with these standards in mind.
  • We produce a highly anticipated, full-color, high-quality, collectible catalog for every Auction, and advertise extensively in local, national and international markets.

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