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Important Auction of The Roy Rogers Firearms Collection

Roy Rogers Gun Belt and SpursWe are pleased to announce that Brian Lebel’s Old West Auction has been selected to sell the film, television and personal firearms collection of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

RR Gold Plated 101 Ranch RevolversThe Auction is honored to present Roy’s famous Colt Single Actions, as well as his many trap, skeet and hunting guns.  An avid sportsman, he was passionate about shooting and hunting.  Included in the collection are his famous gold-plated, 101 Ranch revolvers that are featured on numerous comic book covers and in film and Roy Rogers and Clark Gable shotguntelevision.  The Winchester Model 12 Pigeon Grade shotgun that Roy purchased from Clark Gable when Clark was having a bad day at the trap club became Roy’s favorite shotgun, and includes Clark’s original name tag.

RR first rigSome of Roy’s most important gun rigs will also be available, including his very first belt and double holster rig, made by Ed Gilmore of North Hollywood, Calif. in 1938.  This rig holds Roy’s nickel Colt Single Actions in .41 with stag grips.  The third rig made for “The King of the Cowboys” is a Nudie of North Hollywood from 1949.  Ornate, with gold trim, it was made for an ad campaign for “Goldmine for ’49.”

Dale Rogers Gun BeltWe are proud to offer Dale’s single holster belt by San Fernando Saddlery.  Made for the “Roy Rogers Show” on television, it was also featured on comic book covers for “Queen of the West – Dale Evans.”  It is the first and only rig Dale ever owned, and holds her Colt with pearl grips, her only gun.

The collection ranges from antique to modern and from collectible to decorator pieces; all of which were displayed at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, first in Victorville, California and then in Branson, Missouri.

Roy Rogers Hunting HatNudies Gun RigRoy passionately pursued many interests, and the Auction is pleased to offer additional items from the family’s museum collection, including Roy’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible – canary yellow, white leather, suicide doors – Roy put nearly 100,000 miles on it.  Also up for auction is a 1982 V45 Honda, Roy’s final motorcycle before he retired from riding. 

We are proud to be part of this historic offering and hope you will join us in celebrating the life and legacy of the Rogers Family.

Check back here often for more photos, video and details!

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